"Since we have been a part of GradeBeam for the last 10 months, our company has expanded beyond my belief."Jeff Stewart
LMS Holdings


"GradeBeam allows us to save time and money by eliminating the delivery of drawings which do not involve our scope of work. We are now able to review the job scope prior to requesting or purchasing plans and make our decisions in advance."

Brian White
All Sealants, Inc.

"Bennett & Brosseau's VIP membership with GradeBeam has dramatically increased traffic to our website, opened the door to new bid opportunities, and helped us cultivate new contractor relationships. One of GradeBeam's most valuable features is its ability to, with one easy step; send our projects to suppliers online thereby eliminating numerous phone calls to relay information. In the short time Bennett & Brosseau has been a VIP member, our return on investment has been at least ten-fold in terms of new opportunities and revenue."

George Patterson
Bennett & Brosseau Roofing, Inc.

"We use GradeBeam.com almost exclusively in seeking out projects to bid, for securing bid documents and notification of change in bid dates and addendums. Because GradeBeam is easy to use, our estimators do not hesitate to log on and check out the web site on a daily basis. GradeBeam has become such a useful lead generation tool that we will not be renewing our subscription to Dodge Construction News."

Richard Schneider
David Architectural Metals, Inc.

"GradeBeam has allowed DeMaria Building Company to easily find qualified subcontractors to bid our out of state projects. This gives us easy access for acquiring work and distributing project information as well as building relationships with those subcontractors no matter where the project is located."

Vince D'Angelo
Demaria Building Company

"Here at Journeyman, GradeBeam has made our lives a lot easier and more productive. The support team has been patient, very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. The subs have been getting on line with GradeBeam and its usefulness. As soon as we have a breather, we are going to try to set up training sessions with the subs."

Patrick Farrell
Journeyman Construction LP

"I'm a believer in GradeBeam and embrace it's utilization in our industry. My generation is playing 'catch-up' with technology daily, and GradeBeam has meant a huge leap in my ability to do my job more efficiently. GradeBeam is ten times faster than what I previously used and now I no longer require a dedicated assistant. GradeBeam has already paid for itself in one month's time!"

Joe Evanchik
L. Waller Enterprises

"GradeBeam has allowed our estimating department to spend less time soliciting subcontractors and distributing plans, and more time estimating projects."

Chad Alexander
Lamp Incorporated

"I must thank you... Now that I am a GradeBeam member, I can log in and get jobs through GradeBeam, I don't mind paying the small membership fee to experience the full value of GradeBeam. Keep up your wonderful service."

Kathleen Talanda
New SEG/Just Neon & Affiliates

"Since joining GradeBeam, we have seen a cost reduction in plan reproducing, shipping costs, as well as a more efficient way to communicate with our subcontractors."

Jeff Papasan
Panola Construction

"GradeBeam is changing the way the construction industry does business, providing subcontractors with instant information on project opportunities."

Eric Ringstad
Prime Scaffold, Inc.

"GradeBeam has been great for S. M. Wilson & Co., the service helps enhance our subcontractor market which has contributed positively to the ongoing success of our company."

Paul Wilson
SM Wilson & Company

"GradeBeam has streamlined our bidding process. With each ITB, we immediately receive a short project description confirming our trade category. We can then broadcast our intentions to bid (or not) to all bidders quickly and easily without the use of additional paper or phone charges. Plans become more available when a commitment to bid is known and plan delivery has become much quicker as a result."

Thom DaMario
Spray Insulations, Inc.

"We would be lost without GradeBeam. If we had to go back to our old methods, we’d be lost. It’s such a timesaver. Getting our subs and suppliers accustomed to it didn’t happen overnight, but now they expect to receive their bid invitations thru GradeBeam."

Maggie Laneri
Superior Construction

"Now that I am utilizing our GradeBeam contacts with my contractor base, I am sorry that I did not start much earlier! I am expecting great things as a result!"

Howard Montgomery
Weber Fire & Safety Equipment Company