"We would be lost without GradeBeam."

- Maggie Laneri, Superior Construction

Tips & Tricks

Here you will find a list of tips & tricks that will help you interact with GradeBeam® to get the most from your membership.

Have a question?  Let us help.  Contact us at 866.482.7669 or email us at support@gradebeam.com.

Responding to Invites using GradeBeam

To respond to job opportunities sent to you through our Invitation-to-Bid system use the Non-Member Access link located under the "Next Steps" menu at the top of the page. Follow the instructions to access project information and download documents for free using GradeBeam.

If you received your invitation as a fax:
Open an internet browser, locate the address bar at the top of the browser window, and type in http://www2.gradebeam.com/public/next-steps/non-member-access.aspx.  You will be taken to the GradeBeam Non-Member Access login page.  Click the link the in the middle of the page that reads GradeBeam Non-Member Access Login.  A new page will open and ask you for your ORGID and ITBID.  Locate these credentials on the fax document you received and click submit.  After logging in you will need to review and check the user agreement box before proceeding to view the full bid project details.

If you received your invitation as an email:
In the middle of the email locate the button that states Access Project Online.  An internet browser window will open and navigate you to the GradeBeam website.  Note this process may take time as we locate your bid details.  If this is the first bid you have received from the ITB system you will be asked to review and check the user agreement box before proceeding to view the full bid project details.

Internet Browser Requirements

GradeBeam is the most compatible when used with Internet Explorer. Note, other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. may be used however certain functionality may be unavailable.

Increasing Subcontractor Response Rates

GradeBeam offers database services where we send a subcontractor update request to every sub in your master list (minimum 500).  Historically these requests have resulted in a high response rate and allow your subcontractor list to be a more powerful bidding tool.  The requests can be modeled to suit your preferences.  We will include your company logo and can request subs to submit anything from their business location or fax numbers to qualifications and bonding capacity.

To learn more about the subcontractor update request feature please contact us at 312.465.8599.

Uploading Documents to GradeBeam

GradeBeam's document management system is a powerful tool for efficiently managing your plans and specifications. Posting documents to GradeBeam is a great way to solicit more bids from subcontractors.

In order to provide our clients with the fastest web navigation possible, a 90-day-limit is imposed on all documents posted to GradeBeam. However, if an extension has been placed on a project and you need the documents to remain online longer than 90-days, simply call us at (866) 482-7669 so we can make the necessary provisions on your project.

When uploading documents to GradeBeam, try to keep the subcontractor in mind; breaking up documents by division and saving them with descriptive file names will help subcontractors find the plans they need quickly to start generating their bids for you.

Because of GradeBeam's exceptional security parameters, certain characters in file names can interrupt the uploading process. Avoid saving your documents with file names that include &, %, $, #, and @. Doing so will increase your posting speed.

Finally, we request that files are 10MB OR LESS for documents uploaded to GradeBeam.com. If your file is larger than 10MB and/or you need assistance loading documents for your project, call 866.482.7669. An associate will be happy to assist you.

Using Private Contracts in GradeBeam

Private Contacts are contacts created in GradeBeam by General Contractors that want their subcontractor project information to go to a special location.

To add a private contact for an organization, first pull up the organization from the GradeBeam Directory. Then select the "Private Contacts" link on the left. If no private contact exists for the organization click the light blue "Add Contact" link. Enter the contact's information including name and email. Do not forget to select an address from the drop-down menu. Your private contact will not activate unless an address is selected.

Make sure to click "Save" and you're finished. Private Contact information overrides all other contact information in GradeBeam. So, whether or not a subcontractor's public contact information is the same as his/her private, your messages will always go to the private contact.

Private Contacts are an excellent way for our General Contractors to more closely manage their project information with GradeBeam. Many of our largest clients use Private Contact information exclusively and find the tool very rewarding.

Call 866.482.7669 if you have any questions or require more information about Private Contacts.

Using GradeBeam to Establish New Relationships

While some Subcontractors are content to let a listing in GradeBeam bring them job opportunities with General Contractors they are already familiar with, GradeBeam subs are able to take full advantage of the GradeBeam network and use it to establish new relationships and grow their business.

GradeBeam's powerful Contractor Directory allows subcontractors do searches for GradeBeam General Contractors. After collecting the names of a few General Contractors the Subcontractor can fill out their business qualifications form. Adding as much information as possible is going to be key to attracting the attention of GradeBeam General Contractors. Subs can submit qualifications online and instantly send messages to every project manager affiliated with your General Contractor list.

By allowing General Contractors access to your qualifications on GradeBeam you are informing them that you are a GradeBeam user interested in working with them. Your membership is impressive to our General Contractors as they are aware (1) you are familiar with GradeBeam and (2) you are a sophisticated, pro-active user.

If you need assistance completing your qualifications form or granting a GradeBeam General Contractor access to your qualifications page, call 866.482.7669 and an associate will be happy to help you.