GradeBeam is an online communication network that provides construction professionals with centralized access to important project information. Below are GradeBeam's featured tools, which allow you to access more bids and directly enhance your ability to win more projects.

Cloud-Based System

GradeBeam is a secure system that allows you to access the information you need from anywhere 24/7.

Project Communication Management

Share project plans; simplify and centralize the management of bid documents and addendum notifications; keep your project team connected.

Contractor Directory

Gain priority listing in a Contractor Directory and access a network of General Contractors to choose from.

Document Storage

A centralized location to manage and access important project documentation; save time tracking down documents.

Single Database/Data Entry for Project Tracking

Eliminate multiple contact databases, messaging, and data entry platforms. Centralize the information storage for your project team to find who you need, when you need them.

Access Private Bids & Pick Preferred Projects

Gain access to bids you might not otherwise hear about and receive more relevant invites to the project types you’ve chosen.


Reports on messages, responses, bids, notes and awards centralized with a full view of the project team, the bidding cycle on each bid, or your collective bids throughout the year.

Private Message Delivery Tracking

98% delivery rate ensures your messages are received by the project team, kept private or made public. Eliminate delivery tracking worries while you’re bidding for a project.

Real-Time Access to Information

Get access to any project bid information real-time and as up-to-date as your project team has kept it. Use it as your online dashboard for bid status.


Integrates with BidOrganizer® and PQM™ to help you manage your invitation to bid process and changes throughout the construction bidding process.

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