GradeBeam Benefits


Are you doing all you can to grow your company? Or are you just, “Getting By?” Below is a side-by-side comparison of what GradeBeam® can do for you.

Just "Getting By" GradeBeam
  • Working long hours in the office, using several points of communication on one specific project, losing documents or files due to unsecure software malfunctions
  • Secure anytime access with GradeBeam's fully managed communications network
  • Not having access to critical documents, details, or information when and where they are needed
  • Share documents—in ALL formats and ANY size—in real time, track document activity, organize project notes, and utilize onscreen take-off
  • Continuously filling out multiple forms for every company you work with
  • Organize/manage/search/filter/sort your projects, documents, contacts, qualifications, messages and reports all in one place   
  • Only able to bid on projects in your specific neighborhood or area, being force to work only local, and bid against the same competition
  • Enter new markets, estimate more projects, improve bid results and take control of all project information
  • Working with the same contractors, with limited competitive price scale and limited qualities or services
  • Join over 600,000 GradeBeamers and expand your network, market your capabilities, and rise above the competition
  • Wasting time (and money) searching through phone books, association directories and the internet to find reputable companies to work with
  • Benefit from fully-tracked message delivery by expert staff to ensure receipt of time-sensitive communications
  • Constantly updating, tracking and managing various lists of contacts with various systems across offices
  • Easily rate subcontractors, exchange qualifications electronically, request proposals, distribute critical information and track vendor responsiveness
  • Faxing, emailing, tracking failures, calling, and re-sending or waiting days for documents to be handled by someone else
  • Simplify your business, eliminate multiple systems and focus on construction—with a single, affordable, robust and essential communications network

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